During a storm, the most important thing to remember is to stay safe. It is a massively destructive force capable of destroying anything in its path and having a secure location to go during a storm, such as safe rooms or a communal shelter. There have been sheltering or safe room options that have been built under the ground. Hence, above ground storm shelter room Texas is the best option.

What is a safe room?

Thirteen minutes is the maximum time that is available once the storm warning has been issued. Staying put at home when the alert will offer the best chance of surviving. And the chances improve significantly if there is an in-house above ground storm shelter room to wait out the storm.

A safe room is a compact, windowless chamber built to fulfill the Federal Emergency Management Association requirements stated in the article (FEMA P-320).

These constructions are designed to offer inhabitants near-absolute safety during severe windstorms by satisfying the following criteria:

  • They are securely fastened to the foundation of the house to prevent overturning and lifting.
  • During heavy winds, the connections between all elements of the safe room are robust enough to withstand failure.
  • Windborne projectiles will not be able to penetrate the walls, roof, or door.
  • The safe room’s walls are independent of the rest of the house’s structure. Thus they will stand even if the rest of the house is demolished.

Reinforced concrete, reinforced concrete masonry, or combinations of wood frames with steel sheathing or concrete masonry infill can be used to construct safe room walls and roofs. The doors are generally composed of high-gauge steel that has been proven to withstand severe wind forces and windborne debris penetration.

Why are above ground storm shelter rooms the safest?

The benefits of an above ground storm shelter room are as follows.

They can be placed anywhere in the house.

Building a new shelter room above the ground is relatively convenient. Even if the house is already constructed, there are various alternatives for an above-ground safe space. Build the safe room as an outbuilding, a retrofit into an existing room, or a home extension. There are a variety of wall choices that have been certified by FEMA for use as a safe room and maybe more easily included in a retrofit.

They are at a lesser risk of being flooded, unlike in-ground shelter rooms

Above-ground shelters are far less prone to become inundated and drain much more quickly. Additionally, there is a chance of getting trapped in underground shelters due to debris and trees falling over.

Convenient for everyone, especially for disabled and elderly members of the family.

It’s nearly hard to descend narrow and steep stairs to take cover with age. As our society ages, ADA-compliant doors and handles will become increasingly frequent to assist the physically challenged population. Above-ground shelters are appropriate for those with limited mobility.


Above ground storm shelter rooms in Texas provide excellent safety to the residents as they can be conveniently placed within the home itself, such as a closet, a bathroom, or a safe room altogether.