Several types of engineering that you come across, geotechnical engineering could assist you in building homes. If you wonder about geotechnical engineering, rest assured it is concerned with the behavior of various kinds of earth materials. Geotechnical engineering has been imperative in civil engineering, as it used principles of soil and rock mechanics in investigating various kinds of subsurface conditions and materials.

Constructing a building or a home

When it comes to constructing a building or a home, consider hiring the services of a geotechnical engineer to définir les caractéristiques des sols et des eaux souterraines. When constructing your home, ensure that the soil would support your home properly for the coming years. Consider looking for a geotechnical engineering company providing you good soil engineers for performing their job to have peace of mind. You would be able to sleep at night without worrying whether the ground meets the standards for a specific plan.

When to check the soil

The soil check by the geotechnical engineers would be done after completing the digging part to lay the foundation and before forming the footing. Consider including a day in your schedule where you could inquire the engineer to check the site for your new home. The engineer would be required to check all spots under the house footings for their bearing capacity. It would also be imperative to check the soil and probe it before providing an evaluation report.

During soil check services, you should not forget to provide your house plan to the geotechnical engineer checking the soil. The house plan would disclose the width and depth of the home footings. A specific soil design criteria would be used to size these footings on the plan of your house. To understand the criteria used for your home, consider checking with the plan designer.

What if the soil is bad for construction?

In case, the soil is not suitable for constructing a building or a home, the geotechnical engineering consultants along with professionals would recommend and suggest fixing the questionable soil spots. The most possible suggestions would be inclusive of the following –

  • Installation of thicker and wider footings
  • removing the bad spot
  • replacing the bad spot with stone

However, you would be required to analyze whether the specific suggestions coming from the professionals and consultants affect your budget. Additional concrete and stone would mean you require spending more money on it.