When we want to give a new look to the house or even just to a room, the first thing that comes to mind is a new painting, and this happens for several reasons: it is the job that presents the fastest result, and it is also one of the tasks of remodeling/works more economical to be carried out. And the truth is, with a little color, you can get fantastic and immediate results.

Painting by experts like oahu pro painters for example is not just putting color on the walls. It also means disinfecting the spaces and taking care of the environment of your home. If you are thinking of embellishing your property to sell it faster or need fresh air at home, read this article.

We will show you some tricks to help you choose the right color for your walls at home. But before that, some precautions need to be paid attention to.

Precautions To Be Taken Before Painting

Painting walls and interior house painting may, at first glance, seem like a very simple project to carry out, but let’s not be fooled: in addition to patience and physical effort, the activity of painting walls has “some science” and requires certain care before we proceed with the work. Proper.

The step is extremely important for us to have a perfect final result; it is important to remember that no painting will camouflage cracks, holes, or moisture problems if they are not properly treated.

If the wall you are going to paint has holes or small cracks, the first thing to do is fill them with putty until they become imperceptible with sandpaper.

If the wall is in very poor condition, it may be necessary to replace the plaster; this is very often the case when there are persistent problems with humidity. After correcting all the imperfections, it’s time to start giving the surface a new color. For this, it is advisable to apply a layer of latex primer with a roller (you should use a brush to finish the edges of the walls.

If there are problems with humidity or fungus, it is vital to clean the surface properly. There are specific products on the market for these two pathologies; if this problem is very present, you can consider using a plastic paint and anti-fungal additive. Now yes, our surface is ready to receive its new color.

Color Choice

Choosing a new color is not as simple as it may seem. In addition to being the base and decorative element with the most presence in a room, it has been proven that colors have the power to stimulate our brain in different ways and influence the people in a given room, being able to convey feelings of well-being. Being, restlessness, nervousness, calm, and joy.

They can also help darken or lighten a space. For example, following the psychology of colors, it is advisable to opt for blue tones in spaces where you want to stimulate concentration, as the tone encourages productivity. In addition, it is a tone that, even when applied to large areas, does not become tiring, always giving a feeling of cleanliness and sea air. Red, despite being a hot color and transmitting energy and glamour, when used in excess, can cause nervousness, so it should be used with caution.