Almost all rural farms throughout Australia will use sheds for a variety of reasons. In some cases, they will be for storage of vehicles and farming equipment, in others they may look to utilise them for keeping animals safe in tough conditions. Given the range of uses for farm sheds, there is a need for multiple types which can help farmers, and today we are going to take a look into some of the most commonly bought types of farm sheds. Often farmers will look to purchase custom farm sheds which fit a specific need, especially if they cannot find the specifications they desire. Within this however there are certain types of sheds which they will look to have made, and these are the top 5 which we see across Australian farms.

Open Bay Farm Sheds

These are farm sheds with a simple designed which are generally used for the storage of hay bales and feed. The open bay shed has no door on the front of it, yet could be designed with some gates to prevent anything from falling out that is highly stacked. These are low cost farm sheds, which are protected across three sides from the elements.

American Barns

The American barn is one of the nation’s most commonly purchased farm shed and they are used for all manner of storage. These sheds are typified by their domed roof and three doors, which make them perfect for multi-purpose use. Whether it is storing machinery and vehicles for the winter or use as a workshop, this is a barn which provides the space and accessibility for all farming needs.

Breeze Through Farm Sheds

When it comes to popular farm sheds, Melbourne is a perfect example of just how many farms count on simplicity, which we can easily see in the use of the breeze through the shed. This is one of the most simplistic sheds found on the market and they are almost always used for the storage of bales. The breeze through the shed only needs to offer protection from above and on two-sides, and is utilised in areas where harsh weather conditions are not an issue.

Machinery Sheds

Whilst big barns can be used for the storage of machinery, or for the fixing of machinery, many farmers prefer to use custom made farm sheds for this purpose. These machinery sheds often feature multiple doors and act as a garage for the machines. This gives farmers the perfect place to both store their machines, and to work on them when they need it.

Industrial Sheds

An industrial shed can be used for just about every function on the farm, and they are generally very high and very wide, offering multiple uses to the farmer. These require a large investment and they are fully protected on all sides, with secure doors featured at the front. These are often designed with the specific requirements of the farmer in mind, and they are usually found at the heart of everything that the farm does.

These are the most common farm sheds which we have in the country right now, which are either pre-designed or custom farm sheds which the farmer requires.