You can make use of several retaining wall solutions for your property or building project, but for many reasons, a king post retaining wall is often the most ideal. King post retaining walls have a long history, and they have been around since the 18th century in busy, bustling cities like New York, Berlin, and London. They also have varied applications, although their most common application is for the retention of an embankment or as a form of flood defence. But if you have a building or retaining wall project of your own, you may be wondering if king post retaining walls are a viable solution. Well, they are, and here are the unique advantages of king post retaining walls.

The general benefits

You may already know some of the general benefits brought by king post walls. For one, they are fast and easy to install. The installation of your king post retaining wall need not be complex, and it usually just involves drilling a hole with the use of a CFA or mini piling or large diameter rig; and once you have the hole drilled, you can then insert the steel columns or posts and then fill the space in between with panelling or infill such as precast concrete, steel piles, or timber. But these are just the standard benefits – other, more specific benefits come with using a king post retaining wall, and you can see these benefits outlined below.

The top benefits and advantages

  1. With a king post retaining wall, you can have an easier installation time and process, and the techniques used for installation are versatile. Apart from this, the cost of installation need not be prohibitive, particularly when you compare it to the installation of other retaining wall systems like sheet piles.
  2. The installation process is also free from vibration and almost noiseless, which allows your workers to concentrate on their other tasks without any disturbance or disruption. And since it is free from vibration, there is a reduced risk of other work in the area or surroundings becoming damaged or disturbed.
  3. Another key benefit or advantage that not many may be aware of is that you can choose to construct your king post retaining wall even in areas with a tight or narrow boundary, especially if it comes up to other existing buildings or structures. As a result, these buildings or facilities will not likely be damaged, and you don’t need to worry about deflection, either.
  4. You can also choose to construct your king post retaining walls from a lower-level platform, and this allows you to avoid any extra costs related to building up a higher platform level. It’s especially useful if you would like to construct contiguous walls.
  5. The king post retaining wall solution is expressly suitable for various conditions of the ground or terrain, and you can even use it for hard rock.
  6. You can design and construct your king post retaining walls with differently-sized rigs, so you can have easier access to different sites and achieve your retaining goals and requirements.
  7. You can easily tie back king post retaining walls using ground anchors, which enables the walls to support a larger or higher retaining height.

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