There’s no denying that shag rugs are officially back in style as of 2023, because countless homes and businesses are utilizing this rug style to provide an extra splash of décor texture.

Shag rugs have been around since the late 60s, and their timeless aesthetics have endeared countless rug shoppers throughout the United States. But shaggy rugs aren’t necessarily a great option for everyone or every room within a home, and it’s important for rug shoppers to understand what does and doesn’t work with this popular rug style.

So, below are the pros and cons of shag rugs that you should know about while you’re rug shopping!

Pros of Shag Rugs 

There are many perks that come with placing a shag rug in your home or office, and some of the more significant advantages of this rug style include the following:

Vast Variety of Options 

One thing that a lot of rug shoppers love about shag rugs is that they come in countless variations of shapes, sizes, colors and designs. It’s pretty easy to find a shag rug that perfectly matches your home’s existing aesthetics and your personal style, and shag rugs also offer a variety in terms of texture as well.

It’s often difficult for rug shoppers to find the perfect area rug that complements their overall space, and having tons of options makes this type of home décor shopping much easier!

Aesthetically Appealing 

Shag rugs are also known for being incredibly elegant and colorful, and the diversity of design themes makes them a beautiful focal point for you and your guests. Everyone loves the furry appearance of shag rugs, and how they feel on top of hard flooring.

There are plenty of beautiful design styles within this rug niche, but most rug shoppers choose shaggy rugs with geometric patterns in order to develop a true fashion statement. Other minimalist designs are very popular within the shag rug niche as well.

Comfortable & Soft 

Besides providing all sorts of incredible aesthetics to a home’s décor, shag rugs are also very functional in terms of their comfort and overall softness. Walking barefoot on top of a shaggy rug offers an incredibly relaxing feeling, and it’s a soothing sensation that many people can’t get enough of.

Your pets and kids will love playing on top of a shag area rug, and in the winter these rugs will make any room feel a lot cozier. This is surely one of the biggest benefits of having a shag rug in your home or office.

Cons of Shag Rugs 

Besides the many pros and advantages associated with shag rugs, there are certain drawbacks that rug shoppers should understand. Some of these cons include the following:

Maintenance & Cleaning 

One of the most problematic aspects of owning a shag rug is that they tend to be pretty tough to maintain and clean. These rugs feature large strands of fabric, which can accumulate dust and other particles within your home. These dirt particles can be tough to fully remove, and sending these rugs to a professional cleaner is usually pretty expensive.

So shaggy rugs are generally pretty difficult and expensive to maintain.

Can Easily Get Damaged 

Low-pile area rugs are often considered to be more durable as compared to high-pile rugs like shag rugs. This is because low-pile area rugs are more suitable for high foot traffic areas, because they can withstand people walking on them time and time again.

The same can’t be said for shag rugs, because they don’t do as well in high-traffic household areas. This is why shag rugs are better suited for more private areas of your home, like bathrooms and bedrooms.

Generally Pretty Expensive 

Shag rugs require all sorts of expensive materials, and these material costs often contribute to higher retail prices. Shag rugs are also more difficult to make, so they’re often considerably more expensive as compared to their low-pile counterparts.

And when you factor in the extra maintenance and cleaning costs associated with shag rugs, they end up being one of the most expensive rug styles in today’s marketplace.

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