A bathroom renovation can be a massive and sometimes stressful undertaking. However, having a detailed plan that clearly maps out your ideas for the floorplan, designs and bathroom supplies you want to incorporate can help you alleviate stress, stick to your budget and ensure you’re adding maximum value to your property. This article will go over why it’s important to plan out your bathroom renovation.


Believe it or not, before you actually draw up a final plan, you’ll want to do a pre-plan which is essentially a plan for your plan. While this might seem excessive, bathroom renovations are often quite sizeable and long projects to undertake, so you’ll want as much clear direction out of the gate as possible.

Your pre-plan can include things like who will be in charge of visiting showrooms and liaising with salespeople, what your most realistic budget figure is, and who will be the project manager. From there, you can make a more detailed plan that will describe the types of materials, bathroom supplies and other features and fixtures you want to implement as part of the renovation.


Sticking to a budget during a bathroom renovation will prevent you from spending more money than you need. Too often, budgets during bathroom renovations get blown out in favour of more premium fixtures and bathroom supplies. And while the spending may feel good in the moment, if and when you choose to sell your property, you’ll have to consider the implications of whether you’re actually going to make the money back that you overspent during the renovation phase. Having a detailed plan and sticking to it will negate these issues and ensure you stay within your budget so that you end up making money on your renovation in the long run.


Planning out your bathroom renovation also means you’re unlikely to run into any snags or inconsistencies that impact the floorplan of your bathroom. While there are no hard rules for how your floor plan should be structured, generally walls, windows and doors will dictate the placement of items such as the toilet, shower, bath and vanity. Mapping out the floorplan is an especially crucial aspect of the planning stage if you’re working with a smaller bathroom. There’s also nothing wrong with simply remodelling your existing layout, updating the fixtures, accessories and bathroom supplies to suit your preferred tastes and style.

 Plumbing, Electrical and Lighting

Planning your bathroom renovation gives you ample time to decide beforehand if you’ll need any changes to your current plumbing, lighting and electrical work. Now is the time to decide if you want to change the position of your shower, toilet or sinks so the plumber has enough time to complete the necessary plumbing changes. Similarly, if you wish to change the lighting of your bathroom, you’ll first need to find suitable lighting fixtures for your space and also give your electrician enough time to carry out the necessary work.