Ducted split systems in Melbourne are fast becoming the preferred way to cool the home, but there is often some confusion on the difference between a normal split system and a ducted split system. Terms for split system units aren’t interchangeable, so it’s important to understand the differences between the two systems, especially if you’re thinking about upgrading the heating and cooling in your home.

This article will go over the fundamental differences between ducted split systems and normal split systems to help you understand the distinctions between the two and help you decide which one is right for you.

Ducted Split Systems Can Have More Than One Unit

One of the biggest differences between the two types of split systems is the fact that ducted split systems can have two or more outdoor units to provide more heating and cooling capacity. Normal split systems, on the other hand, only have one outdoor unit. Ducted split systems in Melbourne rely on ducts that are installed in the roofing of the home in order to heat and cool rooms. These ducts are fed cool air that is pumped in via the outdoor compressor units.

Having more units to convert and distribute hot and cool air throughout the home using a duct system also means that ducted split systems are unlikely to have to work as hard as a standard split system in order to provide adequate heating and cooling, meaning less wear and tear on your split system, which can increase the appliance’s overall lifespan.

Ducted Split Systems Use Ductwork to Distribute Air

Of course, the biggest distinction between the two systems is the fact that ducted split systems use ductwork to distribute air throughout your home. A standard split system relies on its single unit design to provide heating and cooling for a single space and does not use ductwork. Depending on the size of your home or the space you’re attempting to heat or cool, this can make standard split systems a less energy efficient appliance by comparison that doesn’t perform as well as ducted split systems in Melbourne.

Ducted Split Systems Are More Expensive Than Normal Split Systems

With the number of benefits and advantages that ducted split systems in Melbourne offer over their standard counterparts, it’s only natural that these advantages incur a slightly higher cost. Due to requiring installation of ducts in the home, ducted split systems do cost more to buy and install compared to standard split systems.

While this difference between the two systems may be enough to put those on a tight budget off of the idea of upgrading to a ducted split system, the long term savings associated with ducted split systems in comparison to standard split systems cannot be denied. Due to their superior energy efficiency and elegant engineering, ducted split systems have been shown to save homeowners thousands on their energy bills during the course of the appliance’s lifespan. In some cases, the cost of buying and installing a ducted split system is returned in full by the time the appliance needs to be replaced.