Each year, one million tonnes of road salt is spread in France. The snow is used to generate icy or snowy areas. Salt is used to remove snow because putting salt on snow or ice lowers the freezing point, 0 degrees. This decrease in freezing temperature causes ice or snow to form. Liquefy on contact with salt.

Snow removal can be done before or after snow removal. Your snow removal may vary for several criteria:

  • The quality of your salt and its composition
  • Your type of implementation
  • Or if you use an abrasive instead.

The snow from the sidewalk or the roadway in front of your home is also framed by law. The latter says that without a municipal decree, the municipality takes care of snow removal from the roadways.

The Implementation Of Road Salt

It is advisable to do the salting upstream if you have the possibility. This method is more economical but also more efficient. Because it prevents the accumulation of snow and the formation of ice, plus, you’ll use twice as much snow if you don’t.

We also advise you to do your snow removal as soon as possible. This prevents the snow from turning into ice. Before salting, it is necessary to evacuate and scrape the snow. Clearing snow before spreading your salt will reduce the amount of salt you need to apply.

You also have to choose a suitable salt according to your needs. Prefer our magnesite de-icing salt if you want to put it before the snowfall. The bonus of this salt is that it is not corrosive. Conversely, use our road salt if the corrosion doesn’t bother you, and you don’t want to install the salt before the snowfalls.

Your spreading must be done evenly over the entire surface. For large areas, it is preferable to use a spreading cart.

Your salt should be stored properly. The principle of salt is to absorb moisture. If it is not dry, its quality and performance will have a negative impact. We suggest that you store your salt in one of our salt storage bins provided for this purpose.

Snow Removal Products

Road Salt

Salt is available in different variations:

  • Sodium chloride
  • Calcium chloride
  • Magnesium chloride
  • Salt mix

The most popular salts are sodium chloride salt and magnesium chloride salt.

Sodium Chloride Salt

This salt is not preventative in earth development, which means that you can only apply it during or after a snowfall. This salt does not work against ice. You only need to melt the snow already present on your floors. The action time is estimated to be approximately 20 minutes. It is very corrosive to stone, concrete, iron, and others. If you use it on this type of support, it will become porous and lose its color. This salt can also act as a weed killer. It will act up to – 6 degrees. With a bag or 100 square meters. a bucket of 25kgyou will be able to make

Even if the crystals are similar to those in cooking salt, this product is not suitable for consumption. Its salt is category B.