Having a pool is a dream for many homeowners. You can enjoy afternoons fun in the sun by the pool while entertaining your friends and family. But there is more to owning a pool that swimming. Pools require consistent maintenance and attention so they do not fall into disrepair. If you are new to pool upkeep it may seem like an overwhelming task to maintain, but with a little practice and forethought pool maintenance can be painless and easy.

There are a few things that you need to keep an eye on when you are maintaining a pool. These include:

  • Water
  • Filtration Systems
  • Interior Walls, Lining
  • Skimmers

These four components must be watched and maintained anytime your pool is being used heavily. Some choose to cover their pool during the winter months and then uncover the pool only during the months of the year it is being used.


Depending on what kind of water you use in your pool you will have to treat your water in different ways. All pools will need to have the chemical levels checked and adjusted accordingly. When you have your pool certified by accredited swimming pool certifiers they can make sure you have the proper testing equipment. Chlorine pools with need to be checked for the chemical levels so the water doesn’t irritate the skin.

Filters & Skimmers

Filters are important for many reasons. Mostly, filters keep large debrie out of the water keeping it clean and clear. Skimmers are small baskets kept at water level that moves floating leave and debris to the side where it is easily collected. Filtration systems are necessary for keeping your water clean and swimmable. You will need to replace the filters from time to time. If you cover your pool in the winter you can turn the filter off then when summer comes simply turn it back on and let the water clear out.

Walls/Interior Linings

Keeping the walls of your pool clean will no only keep your pool looking clean , it will also help prevent algae from building up. Algae can be what gives a dirty pool its green color. Using a long pole with a  brush on the end is the best way to clean the walls of your pool. Others use a small robots that move along the bottom of the pool to catch small particles. Keeping the bottom clean will give your water a clean, inviting look.