No one can resist the allure of a sleek and modern kitchen. Improving your kitchen’s aesthetics and functionality is a certain way to boost your home’s selling value.

You may be inspired to start your renovation project by browsing social media, bookmarking design ideas, or even passing by home improvement businesses. Consider the big picture and establish a sensible budget at some time with HomeBuddy.

You may completely renovate your kitchen or reface the cabinets, update the hardware, and add some neat organisational features. No matter what you decide, a makeover may be costly.

How Much Does Remodelling a Kitchen Cost?

First, let’s discuss the big picture of how much a renovation job will cost. A kitchen makeover might cost roughly $20,000 on average. Yet, there are a lot of variables that affect how much your kitchen makeover costs.

Which stone, marble or granite, do you prefer for countertops? Is it your intention to paint the cupboards yourself, or would you rather have a specialist to do it? Your results may fall below or above the norm, depending on your chosen path.

The most important thing to consider while upgrading your kitchen is making it your ideal home, where you can create memories and eat delicious cuisine. Everything in your kitchen, from the cabinet and pulls to the major renovations like the countertop, should be tailor-made to your needs.

According to this logic, the final price tag of a project is often the result of several secondary factors.

What Is The Most Expensive Part Of A Kitchen Remodel?

The kitchen cabinets will be the most costly aspect of the renovation. For most homeowners, they serve little purpose beyond existing, and they are often disregarded in favor of more flashy appliances and finishing touches. Nonetheless, they should be noticed when planning a kitchen renovation.

Half of your allotted funds will go toward it. Kitchen cabinets are the most fundamental and necessary component. Why? Because they serve as the primary location for stowing one’s possessions.

The cabinets’ price will be determined by wood, installation, and finish factors. You may be asking why you must invest so much money in cabinets. If that’s the case, keep reading.

So Why Are Cabinets A Good Investment?

Kitchen remodelling is a major investment for any homeowner. Thus, it’s important to see a redesign as an opportunity to increase your home’s value. An updated kitchen not only improves your quality of life but also that of any future buyers in the event you decide to sell your house.

In addition, quality cabinetry, particularly bespoke cabinetry built in the United States that comes with a lifetime guarantee, is highly regarded by would-be homeowners.

Kitchen renovations should be at least five percent and more than fifteen percent of your home’s worth, as a general rule of thumb. After you’ve settled on a total cost, you’ll likely divide it up even more. To store things like these, cabinets are a need.

What Are Some Places Where You Might Save Money When Remodelling Your Kitchen?

Even the largest expenditures, such as new worktops and cabinets, may be reduced by careful planning and execution of a few simple strategies during a kitchen redesign. These guidelines will ensure you obtain the kitchen of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Prioritise Spending And Create A Budget

Getting down and establishing a reasonable budget before placing any material orders is recommended. The next step is calculating how much money you will need to purchase your desired items.

Is it feasible monetarily? The answer is almost always “no,” so it’s crucial to discuss this beforehand. Is there anything on this list that you absolutely cannot live without? Remember that it is more common for remodelling projects to end up costing more than expected.

Only Replace Cabinets If Necessary

Kitchen cabinet installation often accounts for the bulk of the budget. Kitchen cabinets are expensive because they are built to last longer than your refrigerator and stove. A well-maintained set of cabinets may retain their beauty for up to two decades.

Consider Options

Big-box stores often have higher prices than smaller shops, so you shouldn’t automatically assume they’re the cheapest option. Nevertheless, the advertised price may only sometimes be the lowest available. You can save significant money by looking around before making a final purchase.


The success of a kitchen makeover relies heavily on careful planning and a realistic financial allocation. You can bring your kitchen to life with expert guidance and investigation. A kitchen’s design is entirely up to the homeowner, who must consider their preferences and needs while making decisions.