During a period of such market buoyancy, many homeowners are seeking to seize the opportunity and sell their property. This could be for a number of reasons and relocation is certainly one of the most common reasons for selling a home in recent years as residents seek to adapt their living situation to a post-pandemic society. However, no matter their reason for choosing to move elsewhere, competition is challenging and, at a time when buyers are being just as discerning as sellers, making a property stand out is not easy.

This hurdle can be overcome, however, by looking at modern trends. As with selling, there are a number of reasons why residents are currently looking to buy a property and, by discerning these, sellers can meet the modern demands. As such, we have drawn from numerous sources to extrapolate what makes a house most desirable in the modern market and are sharing exactly how this design can be achieved by sellers.

Ready To Occupy

One of the most common traits of property buyers is a desire for efficiency. Coinciding with a change in life circumstances, such as professional relocation and remote working, residents are looking to find a property that suits their new needs and to do so quickly. This means that properties with substantial renovation work or those that will require a certain amount of investment are less appealing since they are not ready to occupy.

Many sellers, however, will find themselves in a similar situation, looking to move to a new, more appropriate property with haste. It is preferable, in such circumstances, for the seller to invest in the necessary property work, ensuring it is completed quickly and prior to sale. Otherwise, it can delay a potential sale and even break a chain.

Office Space

No longer are estate agents seeing as many requests for family and guest rooms. Instead, there is a demand for office space, preferably one that is preestablished. Coinciding with a growing teleworking culture, residents are seeking to establish a professional space within their homes, leading to a swift redesign and rebranding of many market properties.

One of the most pressing demands is that offices are designed in such a way that they are separate from living spaces, leading many developers and sellers to establish outdoor buildings, whether an annexe or log cabin, to facilitate the distance between personal and professional spaces.

Designed For The Future

There are a number of technological advancements that are driving the property market. One significant example is the electric car market, which is even being supported by the UK government. As a result, homes that have established charging stations for cars are being sought after, certainly over those that are both without charging options and that would have difficulty with such an asset’s installation.

As such, future-proofing a home with smart technologies is a fantastic way of standing out on the market, since it reduces the likelihood of a foreseeable development or redesign cost. Also, there are both luxurious and sustainable elements that can be celebrated, since many smart home features showcase decadent lifestyle support, as well as energy-saving options.