If the walls of a house are leaning, curving, or bowing, this could indicate problems with the foundation. Several factors could cause these structural shifts. An individual acting quickly upon noticing these structural changes in his home can minimize the damage and repair cost. According to a professional foundation repair Frisco, TX company, wall anchors could be the right solution to deal with foundation issues. This article discusses different causes of wall movements and how wall anchors can help resolve foundation issues.

Causes of Wall Movement

Even a robust home with solid walls can experience movement due to the following mentioned reasons:

  • Hydrostatic Pressure 

Heavy rainfall and flooding are two significant reasons for pressure to build up and make the soil around the home extremely heavy, and the wall caving as a result.

  • Invasive Tree Roots 

When an individual has trees close to his home, the roots grow deeper and stronger as trees grow. Since the roots seek moisture-rich soil, they can create powerful pressure. The roots can further burrow into a house, which results in the structure leaning or cracking.

  • Structural Age

The age of a home is another major factor. As the age of the home increases, natural shifts might occur over time and pose problems. Soil can further shift, sinking the foundation. In addition, the slope can collapse due to earthquakes or heavy rainfall.

It’s normal for buildings’ foundations to settle over the years. Still, an expert foundation repair Frisco, TX should be contacted if there is a major shift in walls as these could indicate more prominent issues with the foundation beyond natural settling.

Wall Anchors Resolving Foundation Problems

Many homeowners are worried about two things when it comes to foundation issues- the level of disruption and the cost of foundation repair. Fortunately, wall anchors are the ideal solution as they cause little disruption and have a lower estimated expense.

Wall anchors are considered the effective solution for foundation issues due to the following listed benefits:

  • Low Impact Effect

 Wall anchors make it simple to restore the vulnerable area of the home to a stable state. Moreover, all this can be done without disturbing the walls, property, and terrain.

  • Cost-Effective Solution 

Another significant benefit of wall anchors is that they take much less time to install than other foundation repair techniques. Moreover, the cost is low compared to replacing an entire wall, which is a more costly and disruptive solution.

  • Sturdy Repair in Different Areas

Wall anchors are extremely strong and durable; even weakened walls can benefit from them. Anchors are placed into the soil surrounding the home and are linked with extendable steel rods, connecting through the wall to an interior plate. The wall is pulled back into its original position by tightening the wall anchors securely.


If homeowners notice structural changes in the home’s walls, they should contact experts. A professional foundation repair Frisco, TX company can provide an expert evaluation regarding the foundation’s state, if repairs are required, and what repair techniques can be used for the best results. Wall anchors are a cost-effective solution that resolves foundation issues with minimal disruption.