Your asphalt driveway isn’t going to last forever, and sometimes it’s hard to be aware of if it’s time to replace the whole thing or undertake repairs. But what if the minor issues are evidence of bigger issues? This is where you need to know when the time is right to just re-asphalt the driveway, or maybe the whole thing has to be replaced. 

To help, this guide will explain the key reasons why people usually see it’s time to call the experts. 

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Pooling Water Issues

If water is pooling in your driveway, it’s a sign of bad drainage. Ideally, your driveway should slope in a way that allows for water runoff or a dry well if there’s no elevation. But over time, with use pits can form and allow for water to gather. 

Standing water can eventually seep under the surface layer of asphalt, especially if the pavement has cracks. Poor drainage can be a sign that you should consider replacing your driveway. Not only is standing water often a sign of structural damage, but untreated bodies of water can also cause new pavement problems.

Ravelling Occurring

An asphalt driveway is a combination of binder and aggregate. Over time, the aggregate can separate from the binder. You may notice loose debris on the surface or see holes coming up in your driveway. It’s best to start treating it now. However, if the problem is ignored, it can quickly get worse. At first, only small filler particles are removed during loosening, but then larger pieces begin to loosen, and the surface becomes rough and unsafe.

Alligator Cracks Appearing

Alligator skin is a good look for reptilian skin, but not so good for a working driveway. When overlapping cracks form in the road, they begin to split the pavement into small broken pieces. This problem is called alligator cracking and is a sign that the base under the asphalt is no longer supporting the upper layer. This is a sign to remove the old driveway and start over. 

Potholes Have Appeared

You can patch potholes with cold mix asphalt, but this is just a short-term fix to hold over your driveway until you can call an expert to help you fix it. This is because this cold mix of asphalt will not fill in all the tiny cracks and places in the pothole, so eventually they will fill with water and break down all over again. Potholes are also a sign of a bigger issue, so it’s a sign of worse things coming. It’s always better to get things fixed before they get worse. 

Your Driveway is Old

With great care, asphalt surfaces can hold up for decades, but even the best driveways can’t last forever. Eventually, you have to bite the bullet and change your driveway. This can also be an option if you’re looking to sell your home. A pristine driveway does look very appealing to buyers. If you’re in doubt, walk the length of your driveway and see If its quality is high, if you’re seeing cracks or pooling water, it might be time for a change.