Do you think the floors are getting rickety? Even the coziest room is feeling drab and lifeless? Then it’s time you get a home renovation.

Before you move into your new home, don’t forget to treat your house for pests. If you live near Wellesley, you can avail the best Wellesley pest control services for your home.

When you’re remodeling, don’t forget your kitchen. Food is something that brings all family members to the table together. Therefore, the kitchen must get special attention for the food to be palatable. Let your artistic flair shine with these kitchen remodeling tips for 2021.

Idea 1: Sophistication in Simplicity

The year 2021 is all about appreciating the basics of life. Therefore, to keep up with the same theme, you can use natural wood for your kitchen. The traditional brown wooden counters or wooden floor will look beautiful.

If a fully wooden kitchen is not up to your taste, you can go for wooden shelves only. A wooden island with wooden stools will give your kitchen a trendy but homely feeling.

Idea 2: Include Dutch Door

In continuation of the back to the basics theme, Dutch doors have made a comeback in 2021. This style has regained popularity mainly due to its convenience. They are also very affordable. Therefore, if you’re going for cost-optimized renovation work, Dutch doors are ideal for you.

From a stylistic aspect, Dutch doors add a charming vintage feel to the kitchen. You can give it a brilliant white or natural brown color to lift up your kitchen space.

Idea 3: Experiment With Backsplashes

Are you tired of the same old white horizontal kitchen backsplash? Then 2021 is your year because new vertical backsplashes are on the rise.

These new vertical tiles are more modern and sleek in design. You will find them in various patterns and colors. You can cover the entire back wall with them. Coupling the modern backsplashes with vintage Dutch doors or natural wooden kitchen furniture is a fantastic idea for 2021.

Idea 4: Embrace Dark Tones

For a long time, lighter tones like white or beige were homeowner’s favorites. However, in 2021 people are keener on including some dark tones like dark brown, bottle green, shades of black in their kitchen.

You can go for a black granite countertop or dark bottle green cabinets. To make them pop out, you can choose a designer light toned backsplash.

Idea 5: Add Personal Touch

You can decorate your kitchen to add a little personal flair to it. Add portraits, flower vases, DIY flower wreaths, or cute houseplant.

Including a pop of color is also a very good idea for kitchen remodeling in 2021. You can go for your favorite color or some beautiful pastel shade to paint your cabinet. Open shelves are a wonderful place to put a piece of artwork.

Additional Notes

Design your kitchen with ease of access in mind. Also, make sure your kitchen gets lots of natural lighting. Hopefully, these tips will help you to transform your kitchen.