If you’re one of the over 75 million homeowners in the United States, you know that owning a home brings a special level of satisfaction with it. What dampens that satisfaction is the upkeep that your property can require. Whether it be a leaky faucet, a door that won’t close all the way, or a light switch on the fritz, you may notice something that needs fixing and delay it.

Between work, family, and other responsibilities, it’s not surprising that there is often little time to get repairs done. No one wants to do repairs at the end of a long workday or waste a weekend morning going to the hardware store. Certain issues may be more of a nuisance than a pressing matter. That’s not the case for all house repairs, though, as some need to be handled as soon as possible.

These types of repairs may appear minor but can cause significant damage to your home and potentially endanger you and your loved ones. These repairs include roof and foundation issues, plumbing problems, and electrical malfunctions among others.

While house repairs may take time to fix, the good news is that often a small investment of time and money can stop a seemingly insignificant problem from becoming a large disaster. In many cases, you can perform the repairs yourself. In others — such as in the case of roofing and electrical problems — you should hire an expert to make sure that the problem is fixed properly and correctly.

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