Are you using liquid drain cleaner in your blocked drains? Do you know the side effects? It seems easy to pour the drain cleaner to unblock the drain man, but this is harmful to your drain pipe. Read the article below to learn more about how liquid drain cleaner causes harm to your drain pipe.

What Is Liquid Drain Cleaner

Liquid drain cleaner contains highly toxic chemicals that can harm pipes. The liquid drain cleaners may have the following ingredients such as:

  • Bleach or Sodium hypochlorite
  • Sodium chloride
  • Sodium nitrite
  • Aluminium

Once you pour this liquid into the drain pipe, it creates bubbles and heat and releases toxins in the air. Let’s learn more about the liquid drain cleaner from the below article.

Should You Use Liquid Drain Cleaner In Your Drain Pipe

Everyone wants a simple and convenient option for their drain clogging. To get an easy solution, you probably pour a store-bought liquid drain cleaner onto your drain pipe and then flush it. But do you know how harmful it is? If you are unaware of the effect of using liquid drain cleaner, then read the below reasons to stay away from liquid drain cleaner:

  • Even after you give it a flush, the remaining drain cleaner can damage your drain pipe silently.
  • Needs proper safety to use these chemicals. These are strong and harmful. So a bit of splash from the liquid cleaner can burn your skin.
  • Once it starts to damage the drain pipe, you can get fractures in the line that might lead to drain leakage in future. So, you should take extra precautions to unblock drains molesey.
  • After cleaning, it drains through the pipe and falls into the ground, damaging the soil, nearby plants and trees.
  • The liquid drain cleaner is only harmful to the environment and also to the home environment. Once you use it, it releases toxins in the air that your kids and pets inhale.
  • Generally the l, the liquid drain cleaner comes with a hefty price tag. Once you purchase it and apply it to your drain pipe, it may not work as the liquid drain cleaner can only clear the essential hair and dust buildup. So, it is better to know the root cause of clogging.

When Should You Use Drain Cleaner

Homeowners should not use liquid drain cleaners repeatedly in the drain pipe to unblock drains molesey. However, if you are using it to clean the suspected hairball or soap residue from the drain, then you will be on the safe side.

If you avoid putting grease and food scraps down the drain, you are unlikely to get serious problems in your drainage system. In case of a severe issue, you should get help from an expert about using the right tool to identify the clog.

Since drain cleaners are not for anyone who doesn’t know anything about plumbing, so, unless you have plumbing experience, you should not use liquid drain cleaners as DIY.

Instead, focus on the root cause of your clogged drain. Otherwise, you will end up with a severe issue that can make you spend a lot of money. Ask a professional about liquid drain cleaners and be safe.