Waterproofing your bathroom might not sound glamourous when you have decided to spruce up your old bathroom or design a new one, but it is a crucial step that you mustn’t skip. Your bathroom is highly exposed to moisture which can cause several problems like leakage, dampness of walls and mould infestation. If you have ever experienced a leaky bathroom, then you know that you can’t leave them untreated as it is going to cause serious consequences in the future.

That is where bathroom waterproofing comes into the picture. Still not convinced that you should waterproof your bathroom? Read along and we will tell you why you must give bathroom waterproofing a serious thought.

Avoid condensation

Your bathroom is constantly exposed to water vapour, which gets trapped in the walls of your bathroom. This leads to condensation which may then cause paint discolouration, mould infestation or wood decay in your bathroom. You can increase the shelf life of your newly renovated bathroom by making sure that you waterproof it.

Prevent leakage 

Water leakage in your bathroom can lead to serious structural damage and will cost you a fortune. Not just that, if you don’t handle a leakage in the bathroom, it will lead to damp walls and ceiling and ruin the aesthetics of your powder room. You can avoid all this hassle by simply waterproofing your plumbing pipes, wall joints, floor tile joints, and ceiling and shower splash area. You must never leave a leakage untreated as it can become worse and reach your electric boards and create life-threatening incidents.

Prevent moulds 

Your bathroom can become a breeding ground for moulds, mildews, and fungus if you don’t waterproof it. Moulds and mildews can cause respiratory diseases, eye infections, skin irritation and other health hazards. So, save yourself and your family a trip to the doctor by waterproofing your bathroom during the time of the construction.

Maintain your bathroom’s aesthetics 

No one likes a leaky bathroom with damp walls. It’s unpleasant and more importantly dangerous for you and your family. So, make sure that your bathroom always looks chic and well maintained by waterproofing its floors, ceiling and walls during the time of construction.

Increase your home’s value

Whether you are going to live in your house or put it for sale, you will always get a better price if your house is well maintained and easy on the eyes. Maintaining your bathroom is important as it is an important aspect of your home design. So, now increase your home’s value by hiring one of the waterproofing services in your locality to thoroughly waterproof your bathroom.

Spend less on maintenance 

Though bathroom waterproofing might seem expensive, in the long run, it will save you a lot of money. Your walls are perpetually exposed to moisture and will inevitably suffer from cracking, blistering, peeling of paint and wood decay. You can call a professional and temporarily fix it with a mixture of cement and latex liquid, but it won’t last long. This will result in frequent repairs, which will cost you a lot of money. How to avoid all of this? Waterproof your bathroom today and increase the shelf life of your bathroom renovation.

By skipping waterproofing your bathroom, you put your family and your life in danger. Remember that prevention is always better than cure. So, don’t wait for the damp walls to appear to consider waterproofing your home.

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