Keeping your home at a consistent temperature all year round is not only essential for comfort, but can have implications for your finances, such as the fluctuations in your energy bills associated with running various heating and cooling appliances. Ducted split systems in Melbourne are a great way to combat temperamental weather patterns and effectively bring down your energy costs. This article will detail some reasons why you should consider installing a split system.

Eliminates the Need to Buy Multiple Appliances

Buying multiple appliances not only means you’ll accumulate clutter in the form of various remotes, cords and instruction manuals, but it also means you could be spending unnecessarily on devices that are likely to not even survive more than one or two seasons, effectively rendering them a waste of money.

As the name implies, ducted split systems in Melbourne conveniently provide both heating and cooling in the one unit. This eliminates the need to buy multiple appliances and allows you to enjoy superior temperature control all year round.

 Virtually Silent Operation

Standing coolers, fans and electric heaters aren’t only unsightly, clashing with your décor, but they can also be quite noisy to operate. This puts you in a frustrating catch-22 situation where you’ll find it hard to fall asleep unless you can use a fan to cool yourself down or a heater to warm yourself, but the noise of the appliance itself will also keep you up at night.

Ducted split systems in Melbourne eliminate this problem by having virtually silent operation. This is achieved by the fact that the actual compressor and fan unit that do the majority of the work are installed outside of the home. The indoor unit’s only job is to effectively pass the air through, meaning it doesn’t consist of any components that cause interrupting noises. A split system can be ideal for those who may have a newborn in the home or for those who are working from home and wish to minimise disturbances as much as possible.

 Long-Term Savings

Ducted split systems in Melbourne are designed and engineered to maximise efficiency and cool or heat an entire home with as little energy expenditure as possible. While in some cases the upfront costs of installing a split system can seem steep, the long-term savings the upgrade grants homeowners simply cannot be denied. Compared to other heating and cooling solutions, split systems consistently rate much higher in energy efficiency.

 Easy Installation

Some heating and cooling systems require extensive renovation or modification work to your walls, doors or windows in order to be installed properly. This is not only disruptive to the home, but is also time-consuming, meaning it’s likely you’ll end up paying more than the originally quoted installation price if the installer runs into any issues during the installation process.

Ducted split systems in Melbourne require a lot less work to install when compared to most conventional heating and cooling appliances. Mounting the units is simple, and connecting the indoor and outdoor units usually only requires a small opening to be made in any wall of the home. Once that’s done, the only thing left to do is to connect the system to your existing ducted system. The whole process can be done in a matter of hours rather than days, making installation costs affordable and sensible.