In recent years we have seen a big increase in the use of aluminum on building sites. Much of the reason for this has been the insane price hike of lumber that we have witnessed in recent years. Timber prices have increased as governments have clamped down on production and installed tighter regulations around its use. When it comes to aluminum suppliers, Melbourne stores have seen a sharp rise in purchases of aluminum, generally by the construction industry. It is easy to see why they are using this metal, and here are the benefits that they can enjoy when they do.

Low Cost

In comparison to timber and to many other metals, aluminum is a very low cost option. Given that this is often the modus operandi when architects are making their designs, it stands to reason that more aluminum would be used in the construction.


 A lightweight metal such as aluminum offers a wide range of benefits. Transportation of large volumes of the metal is easier and lower cost, and working with the metal on site is made so much easier.

Strength to Weight

Not only is aluminum lightweight, it also packs a real punch when it comes to strength. Most lightweight objects cannot manage heavy loads and this is very much what sets aluminum apart from other options.


The reason as to why this metal is used for so many products and aspects of a property is that its grades can be fabricated in a huge number of ways. Aluminum can easily be bent, twisted and warped into just about any way imaginable, making it the most convenient material for construction companies to use.

Multiple Grade Options

Aluminum is an alloy that can be purchased in over 10 different grades. Each of these grades will offer the same benefits as the rest, but each will also offer additional characteristics that make them perfect for use. For example some grades are more durable than others, some can be welded easier than others and some offer better strength to weight ratio.


There are few metals that offer the lifespan that aluminum does, this makes it one of the perfect options when it comes to house building.

Corrosion Resistance

This metal naturally generates its own layer of corrosion resistance that is what contributes towards its longevity.

Thermal Conductivity

Aluminum may not be as conductive as something like copper, but it still ranks highly in terms of metals that are able to conduct thermal energy. This is why we see aluminum used in lighting and electrical products like computers.


Owing to the fact that aluminum is non-toxic we often see this used in packaging for foot and pharmaceutical products. There is a lot of pressure on construction companies to use less toxic materials and that again is why we see a high usage of aluminum.


And finally we have to talk about the fact that aluminum can be easily recycled after use. In the main it is the green credentials and the low cost nature of aluminum that sees it used so much more these days than timber.

When it comes to aluminum Melbourne is certainly leading the way in terms of the number of construction companies and architects that are heavily focused on its use.